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Seventeen Profile and Why I love them

Time for next profile, this time on Seventeen. Because there’s so many members, the set up will be a bit different, but nothing crazy.

Song of the Day: The Little Prince by Ryeowook

This is Seventeen (SVT)

Top row from left: Vernon, Jun, Wonwoo, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Dokyeom, Mingyu, The8                           Bottom row: Seungkwan, Joshua, Woozi, Dino, Hoshi

Debut: May 26, 2015

Debut Song: Adore U (17 Carat)

Latest Realese: Don’t Wanna Cry (AL1)

Group members: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino (13)

Label: Pledis Ent.

Awards: Best Star Award (2016), World Rookie Award (2016) Rookie of the Year (2016) and others.

Fandom Name and Colors: Carats/ Rose Quartz and Serenity

Adore U:

Members (By Unit)

Vocal Unit




Real Name: Yoon Jeonghan

Birthdate: Oct.04.95 (21)

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea






Real Name: Hong Jisoo

Birthdate: Dec.30.95 (21)

Hometown: Los Angeles, United States






Real Name: Lee Jihoon

Birthdate: Nov.22.96 (20)

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

*Vocal Team leader and Producer*




Real Name: Lee Seokmin

Birthdate: Feb.18.97 (20)

Hometown: Suji gu, Yongin si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Main Vocal*




Full Name: Boo Seungkwan

Birthdate: Jan.16.98 (19)

Hometown: Jeju-do, South Korea

*Main Vocal*


Fun Facts:

  • The Main Vocals, Dokyeom and Seungkwan along with member Hoshi, form the odd but unbreakable Gag Trio (BooSoonSeok). Some hilariously weird things can happen when any of the three get together
  • The Vocal team has shown this sad, sad tendency of forgetting about Joshua whenever doing things as a unit. Poor Josh.


What I love about them: They are a very skilled group of boys. These kids excel at singing, each of them having a very unique tone. Dokyeom has even been compared to seniors because their singing is so developed for their age.

However, they are not the idols to just sing whatever. These kids compose, write, arrange and produce their own songs. They often show their unique style in their work and one more thing that makes me love Seventeen.

Vocal Unit at their best

 Hip Hip Unit




Real Name: Choi Seungcheol

Birthdate: Aug.8.95 (21)

Hometown: Daegu, South Korea

*Hip Hop Unit Leader, General Leader*




Full Name: Jeon Wonwoo

Birthdate: Jul.17.96 (20)

Hometown: Changwon, South Korea






Full Name: Kim Mingyu

Birthdate: Apr.6.97 (20)

Hometown: Anyang si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Face of Group*





Real Name: Chwe Hansol

Birthdate: Feb.18.98 (19)

Hometown: New York, United States (but has lived in Korea most his life)


Fun Facts

  • Often described as the ‘Visual Team’ as each member as been described to have outsatnding visuals. Most of the Visual Line (or Model Members), Mingyu, Wonwoo and Jun are on this team
  • Wonwoo actually had to take a break from activities for a while due to Acute Gastritis. The group often used a stuffed animal with glasses  similar to Wonwoo’s, to represent him on his leave.


What I love about them: This hip hop team is one of crazy versatility. That may not seem possible for a hip hop team, but they really do it. And they do it  well, too. Some of their songs are beautifully mellow with sweet lyrics. Others, resemble more classic hip-hop with more vulgar words,( but also great).  Most fall in the middle. Their extremely versatile style, while still staying rappers, make the songs completely unique.  

It was hard to pick a song that best represented  them simply because of how different each song is. But I decided to go with the song that had the mellow sound, but the words are quite strong.

Hip Hop Unit at their best:

Performance Unit




Real Name: Wen Junhui

Birthdate: Jun.10.96 (20)

Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China






Real Name: Kwon Soonyoung

Birthdate: Jun.15.96 (20)

Hometown: Namyangju si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Performance Team Leader*




Real Name: Xu Minghao

Birthdate: Nov.07.97 (19)

Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning, China






Real Name: Lee Chan

Birthdate: Feb.11.99 (18)

Hometown: Iksan si, Jeollakbu do, South Korea




Fun Facts

  • The entirety of the China Line resides in this unit: Jun and The8. Each came from China with pretty cool credentials: Jun was a child actor and The8 was apart of a well known b boy group.
  • Leader Hoshi coined (and will probably trademark) “10:10-Hoshi Time”. This small phrase popped up because he believes his eyes are angled the same way as clock hands at 10:10.


What I love about them: They ooze talent and uniqueness. Every dance you see Seventeen dance is so unique and so clearly tells a story in the fun and cool ways. These boys come up with moves that no one else would never think of and they always find fun ways to incorporate props.

Each member has a very distinct style, and you can see each of them, especially in Performance unit dances. From bubbly songs, to more sexy cheoro, the team can do jsut about anything. This unit never fails to empress viewers, new and old.

Performance unit at their best:

Songs Time!

(Ultimate Intro to SVT playlist)

Title Songs:

Other 13 member songs:

Hip Hop:



Maybe a Cover or two?..

Fun Facts about Seventeen!

  • They are often referred to as Kindergarten Idols because whenever transitioning from anyplace, they must walk in lines, in pairs. They also can’t leave to go to the restroom unless in a trio.
  • They had a predubut show on YouTube for about two years before debuting called 17tv. A lot of fandom jokes originate there.
  • They debuted through an MBC series called Seventeen Project.
  • Thier fandom name is becuse of thier predebut song/ first album, Shining Diamond/17 Carat
  • Their fandom colors were the Pantone colors of the year for 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity)


Why I love Seventeen

The one big reason why: They are so their own. They aren’t called Self Producing Idols for no reason. Everything is done by them. From song making, to cheoro, to even final touches like the album cover is done by members. But a lot of idols do that right? What every idol doesn’t do is create something that is completely new, that is completely their own. Seventeen has done that. With interesting composition and cheoro unlike everything else put out, Seventeen shines bright.


But the other thing is their loving nature and amazing friendship. Each member has their own very distinct personality, but they all mesh together so well. Seeing them laugh and joke around with each other is so refreshing to see. You would never think so many boys could be so close, but they all have fun, and they all want to create good memories together.


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Fall in love with Seventeen!: Love and Letter Physical Albums

So today I’ll show you a vlog! Its of my first pysical album, and my sister’s third: Seventeen’s 1st full album Love and Letter. So, lets start shall we?

Song of the Day: Jojo by SHINee

So first off, I should talk about the what a physical album is right? Well, its just you think, old school CDs. Now the reason that you often will hear about them in kpop is because they’re super collectible and have lots of value.


Physical albums are not a CD. They often come in sturdy, well designed cases. Standard with Physicals are a photobook and a photocard of some kind. The photocard is always signed by the member pictured and little message, too.


And those things are what make them so desirable. Extra photos that aren’t available online and a chance to have a signed picture of your bias is exciting! As a bonus, most people also get a poster to go along. (Which I always try to do.)


Personally, I have 3 kpop albums: 1 Seventeen (Love and Letter) and 2 SHINee (1and1 and Married to the Music). My sister also has 3 albums: 2 Seventeen ( Boys Be and Love and Letter) and 1 Got7 (Flight Log: Arrival).

Anyway, Enough of me typing, lets get on with it! P.S. – for more on Seventeen, check out this post


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My Top 10 Favorite MVs

I’ve seen a lot of MVs over the last year and 2 months and most of them are pretty great. However, there a few that stick out in my mind. So let’s take a set back from the music itself and look at my favorite MVs!

Song of the Day: Let Me Out by Jonghyun (JUST LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM. PLEASE)

10 . Press Your Number – Taemin

This MV shines with its plot and the execution of it. On the surface, this MV is insane. There’s flashbacks that skip back and forth through time, and props that seem meaningless. However, the story told is pretty deep and interesting as we see the mental deterioration of the protagonist. I also talk about this MV here.

9. And July – Heize and Dean

This MV (and a lot on this list ) is a lot of fun! I love the color and aesthetics this MV has to offer, but what’s even better is the brother/ sister rivalry throughout. One after one, the duo prank each other relentlessly, destroying their apartment and themselves in the progress. The back and forth make this MV and fun watch.

8. Dear Santa – Girls Generation TTS

I know this is a Christmas track, but the MV is beautiful. The thing that really makes this MV special is their stunning outfits presented to us one after the other. The also seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves as they were filming this. Their laughter and smiles are easily found through out this dream like MV.

7. Overcome – NU’EST

I’m extremely bias toward this MV. Its the MV that got me into kpop! I love the aesthetics and the story line of this MV. The story of knights(NU’EST) protecting their queen(Fandom) is so apparent, and very sentimental to the boys. The setting of the snowy forest and abandoned castle add another beautiful element to this MV.

6. Check In – Seventeen Hip Hop Team

I honestly don’t know what’s better: the aesthetics presented in the colors or the beautiful shots of urban life. This MV is a patchwork of the different places the group had visited during their Asia Pacific Tour last summer. And just like one of grandma’s quilts, each piece seems to work so perfectly together. Neon lights and the Australian coast. Crowed buildings and empty monuments. Its so artfully executed without becoming an art film.

5. Ah-Ah (Free Ver.) – Teen Top

This group of probably high school outcast are really something else. When allowed to do as they please on their MV set, some weird, cute and awkward things seem to happen at every corner. The color scheme just adds to the fun this group and MV has to offer.

4. Q&A – Seventeen x Ailee

This MV is so cute.  I adore the colors and simplicity of the set. However the the interesting tug of war between the boys and the girl is what really makes this MV special. Having to study before their date/ test is a really fun way of showing the struggles of of trying to correctly read a girl’s intentions and having to tiptoe over her emotions. Plus, the boys look honestly amazing in this MV.

3. Pretty U – Seventeen

This song is really great. But the MV is equally amazing. We follow the boys on their quest to throw a huge party. The fun they have running around town, having a food fight, and ultimately having too much fun at this insanely huge party make this so much fun to watch. You can really see of their personalities shine through.

2. Sweet Girl – B1A4

I adore this MV with all my heart. The colors are amazing. The concept is beautifully executed. The main points in the MV is each boy getting their chance with the girl in a dream like sequences. However, it never feels like they’re fighting over the girl. Each member’s scene is completely different and full of personality. There has been so many instances where I’ve watched this MV for the beauty of it.

1. Delicous – Toheart

This MV has always stood out to me. What makes this almost seven minute MV so special is the plot line. We follow the two members of Toheart, Key and Woohyun, as they rediscover their old childhood playhouse and fight over a girl they’ve always had their eyes on. The bright colors and mismatched make this MV even more childlike. This MV is truly something new, and unlike anything before or after. I really love the out of the box concept and makes this duet that much more special.

So…Any favorites on here? What’s your favorite MV? Lets discuss!


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Jjong’s Birthday Post

It’s April 8th, Jonghyun’s 27th birthday! Exciting no? I decided to write a short post celebrate. So let’s do it!

So, What has Jjong done since last April 8th?

-He’s released a full album, She Is
-Was a guest on SNL Korea (3 Minute Best Friend?!?!)
-Released a SM Station Track (Inspiration)
-Had his fisrt full solo concert (X Inspiration)
-And was a apart of the first formal SM x YG collaboration by writing Lee Hi’s Breathe

It was such a busy year for him, but he accomplished a lot. I’m a very proud mother.

How about he talk about the birthday boy himself?

I love everything about Jjong, but here a few of my favorite points:

-His smile
-Big eyes
-Amazing and Special voice
-Whenever he dresses up in a suit
-His comfy but stylish airport fashion

-Everything he ever has and ever will compose
-The amazing creativity that possess
-The beautifully romantic way his mind works
-How sweet he is with his fans

-The thoughtful and truly helpful advice he is so willingly to give to anyone in need
-The open mindedness that helps him learn from his mistakes and grow
-The love that he shows to his family, and they way everything goes back to them

I love Jjong and hopes he goes even farther this year. Happy Birthday Jonghyun!


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Jjong’s Last Blue Night…

Hey Guys! Today is kind of a sad day for the SHINee fandom and I wanted to tell why. So, lets get into it.

So, today was Jonghyun’s last Blue Night Radio broadcast “for a while.” Jjong has been DJ of this radio for three years now, and everyone’s pretty sad to see him go.

To make this last day special, the radio was made viewable and was filmed and recorded in the garden studio, where an audience can come and watch. Jonghyun even came dressed nicely in a blue suit!

For the radio broadcast itself, a few special guest dropped by, Younha, Coffee Boy, and Go Young Bae. As a surprise for Jonghyun, Minho even dropped by! So many friends all in one day. (´∀`) Instead of just talking about the usual topics, they also read many letters sent by fans! They were all spread out on the table, many with blue envelopes, all with beautiful messages and art.


It’s really sad to see Jonghyun go. Although it’s only for a while, this radio was a daily connection for many people! He did so much on this radio for others. He is amazing at giving advice and helping others through tough times. This radio was a chance for him to do that for so many, and we all really appreciate that.

We also learned so much about Jjong through his radio! All the stories and the little snippets about his daily life just made the connection between listeners and Jjong that much stronger.

Not to mention all the music that came from the radio, too! Jjong is a songwriter and composer and the radio was a great place for him to showcase his talents.

A lot of people are going to miss hearing this sentimental kid everyday including me. It was so sad to see Jjong crying as he talked about leaving…But Jjong is on to bigger things now, right? So rest and then keep going, Jjong! We’re always here for you!♡♡♡

Banner: jjongd is on a temporary leave, he’ll be back soon so please wait for him. At the End of the day, lets meet in our shared space again. 


=So far this was Blue Night Jonghyun=

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HOT DEBUT: We are Pristin!

Another Pledis Group has debuted! Pristin’s first mini album “Hi! Pristin” has been released with the Title Song, “Wee Woo!” So, does the debut live up to the nearly year long hype?

Song Review

I adore Wee Woo! It’s a lot of fun and so is the MV. I love the pop sound of the track and the colorfulness of the MV. All the girls look great, too! I can’t wait to learn even more about them.

Album Review (spotify + youtube)

This is definitely a Pledis album. There is so much variation in the album that makes it so enjoyable. I love “Over and Over” as I’ve never heard a girl group song quite like it. Black Widow‘s beat is so sick, and so different than the rest of the songs. However, “We” is more classic girl group but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Image result for pristin hi pristin

Also, their debut stage is so good! Their dancing skills are good, just like any other Pledis Group. Their live vocals are also great!

I can really see them going far as a girl group. Thier songs are diverse but really well done, and for me at least, stand out a bit from the rest.

So… will you check the album out? You should! Do you already have a favorite member? Let’s talk about it!


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Sunny Days and Infinite Nights – Playlist

I feel like the time is right for another playlist! This one is fit for the whole day- happy songs to keep you going and thoughtful tracks for stargazing. So, let’s get started!

Sunny Day Songs – Orange

Infinite Nights – Purple

Song of the Day: Fall in Love by GFriend

First song is Colorful by SHINee! A happy and fun track that just makes you feel good! The MV just adds to good vibes as they look back in their eventful fifth year

Next is moody track Back 2 U. A favorite off of NCT 127’s album, this mid tempo track is full of emotion. The struggle they have with letting go is heartbreaking, but you feel happy when they finally do.

Neon Yeppunda! Seventeen’s Pretty U is a dramatic song about the boys asking their crush on a date. The song is so cute and innocent, its sure to make you smile.

Ah, Love is Magic…I love the jazzy feel of this track. Not to mention Baro’s deep voice rapping. This song is the perfect lullaby if you don’t like crazy ballads.

It’s a Dunk Shot! A NCT Dream song is sure to be cute, right? This cover the boys did for their latest release is super fun, cute, and happy and just all around perfect for a sunny day.

NU’EST made it on this playlist with song My Heaven. An absolute favorite from them, this unique mid tempo song is perfect for late nights. The imagery and metaphors are sure to take your breath away.

How about a Girl Group song next? Navillera by GFriend is a track I’ve been listening to lately. The fast tempo and unique composition is really fun and makes this song stand out against other girl groups.

Seventeen is back with a track completely different than Pretty U, I Don’t Know. The R&B vibes from this almost breakup song is completely hypnotizing. There are three rappers featured on the track and each of their parts are 👌👌👌.

Time for another SHINee track, Do Me Right! I adore this Japnese track off of their newest album, Five. The fun lyrics and joy filled melody makes this song perfect for any Sunny Day.

A song that always seems to pull me in is Play Me by Taemin. Another track with a jazzy sound, the soft words that Taemin sing are perfect for lazy nights whenever you just want to lay around.

Another girl group song perfect for happy days is On the Road by DIA! It’s a classic sounding girl group song perfect for spring and summer. The smiles of the girls in the Mv are sure to make you smile, too.

Shall we do another SHINee track? Hit Me by SHINee is older (from their 2nd mini album, circa 2009) but is still timeless. The old school vibes of the track add to the melancholy feel of the song.

Introduce me to your Noona by NU’EST is especially fun. The storyline of a boy trying to talk to his best friend’s older sister. The song so innocent and makes for a fun listen.

Seoul by B1A4 is one of my favorites from this playlist. Can’t you imagine yourself walking around Seoul at night while listening to this song? I love the chill mode this song gives off, its a great song to wind down to.

Red Velvet’s Sunny Afternoon says it all in the name. The song is an easy listen that is made for sunny days. Imagine walking about a field and just enjoying your life as you listen. Just puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

Lastly is A Scene Without You by Nu’est. The song is perfect to sway along to. The melody is simple but striking, making it great for starry nights. I love the simplicity of the track and the soft sound of their voices as they sing about their emotions.

How’d you like this playlist? Any other songs you would listen to on Sunny days and Infinite Nights? Let me know about it!


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A Deep Dive into Kr&b

So you’re not into the electro pop and cute style of mainstream k pop. I get it. It’s not for everyone. If you’re willing to trying out k pop, or just want to know about a different branch of Korean music, then maybe Kr&b is the path for you. How about we look at some of my favorite Kr&b artist to give you an idea of the genre, shall we?

Song of the Day: Gentleman by SHINee

So, What is Kr&b?

Well, its just like American r&b, but you know, in Korean. A lot of the artist that are big do new school r&b, but you can easily find people who do old school (which I enjoy).

What Are Some Big Artist?

The first to come to mind is obviously is Jay Park, with well known tracks like Mommae and Solo. He’s a great intro to the genre as he makes tracks in both Korean and English. He is great at what he does, but just like some American artist, his music is very explicit.

Another artist that took the genre by storm was Dean. His vocals are honestly amazing and his songs are easy to dance along to. All his title songs have become big hits, and although he just debuted, Dean is already a well known name.

Last but far from least is Crush. This dude is amazing. Even if you don’t any of his solo tracks, he is definitely featured in a song you do know. A voice perfect for r&b, he’s one of the artist that really define the genre.

What are some songs I should check out?

Beside the artists mentioned, there’s some great songs by some great people out there. I’ll link my personal playlist  (spotify) (youtube) There’s a bunch more artist on there, some with new school, old school, or hip hop vibes.

First is Babylon’s “Crush on You”. Its a nice classic r&b track, with a great voice to match. This song is one of my favorites from Babylon.

Next is Loco’s “Still”. This song is an easy listen with some emotional lyrics.  Everything from Loco is a good listen, check him out.

Hoody’s “Your Eyes” is also a great song that is easy to sway along to. Hoody doesn’t have a lot of music out, but everything she does is release is a little different from the rest.

Lastly is Heize and Dean’s track “And July”. These two have voices that mesh so perfectly. Not to mention the fum MV that goes along.

Why should I listen to Kr&b?

You may be thinking, “Why should I listen to this if 1. I can’t I understand it and 2. there’s American music like it.”

My answer to this is that you should listen in order to broaden your horizons. There’s nothing wrong with listening to a similar sound in a different language. That just gives you more music to listen to. So give it a try!

Alright so poll time! Out of all the artist mentioned here, who would you like to know more about? I might make a “featured artist” post for the one who wins. Any other artist you like? Let me know!

-Sakura ♡♡


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Let’s Talk about NCT Dream! My First and Last

I’m finally back, and this time talking about the little princes, NCT Dream! These cool kids are back again, with their first single album, The First, and title song, My First and Last. Will the era live up to all the hype ( and all the cute teasers photos…)?

Song of the Day: Dangerous by SHINee

nct dream group 1
You can probably see that Jaemin is missing in all these photos. He is sick with a herniated disc and couldn’t participate in this comeback. 😦 Get better soon, Jaemin!


MV First Impressions

My first though was literally, “Ooh, yes.” The fact that they started off this funky/cute song with Haechan’s voice made it 10 times better. And the blend between cute and old school is amazing.

For the MV itself, so cute! The classic student crush on teacher is showcased here, but in an innocent way, which was really great on SM’s end. The MV is perfect for NCT Dream’s vibe.

I wouldn’t want to forget to mention the great cheoro, full of great synchronization, and crazy moves. They did a great job of showing off their skills on their comeback stage on M Countdown.


So everything about this comeback is fun, youthful, and colorful. Although, their image seems a bit younger than the member’s actually age. Personally, I don’t mind it much.

Image result for nct dream my first and last teasers

I love the shots in their everyday colorful clothes. The colors and prints clash in the most perfect way. But I must say, the uniform shots are really cute, and I might like them a bit more.


They all looked really good, especially of we consider the money SM put into this (Jisung and Chenle in Gucci? Wow, SM) Yea, this concept is definitely something that fits these kids.

Album First Impressions

So this release was a single album. Which is a bit disappointing considering the other units both have mini albums out. However, I do understand it may not have been possible with two members, Haechan and Mark,  just being in NCT 127’s comeback and Jaemin being sick, but still, they deserve it.

The single album has the Korean and Chinese versions of both My First and Last and Chewing Gum. It also included a cover they did of Dunk Shot (Lee Seung Hwan)

I actually really love Dunk Shot. It has this older 2nd generation kpop feel to it. It totally reminds of Happiness by Super Junior. This song choice was great for NCT Dream and this single album.


Overall, this comeback is good. It feels right with the image of NCT Dream, and is just super fun in general.

nct dream

Again, this probably should have been a mini album, but the extra song they added is fitting. However, SM made up for it by giving us amazing choreography. Not to mention how much I love the colorful concept.

Yea, NCT Dream did a pretty good job this time around.

Hey! These kids have a website! Check it Out!

Do you like this release? Think you wanna stan? Tell me about it!