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K Road Trip Playlist

So I have to be in a car for 3 hours with the rest of my family at the end of this month. So I thought it VERY necessary to make a playlist. This isn’t the usual hype summer playlist though. Its more my style, more mellow with lots of R&B influence. So, lets jump in!

Song of the Day: Simply Beautiful by Super Junior

1.Magic – Super Junior

This song is quickly becoming my summer anthem. I am in love with the R&B sound and the light and colorful feel of the whole song. It never fails to put a smile on my face. It made a become a Super Junior stan, actually.

2. Happy – WJSN

This track is the perfect upbeat girl group song. Its the perfect mix of cute and pop sound, which is what makes this girl group one of my favorites. Its more upbeat, but a must have on this playlist.

3. The Jobless – Vromance

This the most relateable songs on the list. Its tells the tale of a 20 something year old, out of college (for a while, too), and without a stable job. Being broke is a real struggle, you know.

4. 20 (Picnic Live Ver.) – Seventeen 

20 was already a lovely song, but the acoustic/live band version takes it to the next level. The vocal team is so good what they do, and do a good job of showing off their skills here.

5. Time Slip – Red Velvet

Time Slip is also very relateable. Time seems to always get away from me in the summer months. The way the girls wish to stay on bed all day is something I also see myself doing often. This song is me. Literally.

6. Hi Hello – Day6

This song just came out about a day ago and I am already in love with the mellow vibe of the song. Day6’s romantic tracks are few and far between, but whenever they do release one, the song is so good.

7. Ah-Ah – Teen Top

A summer without this song isn’t a very good one. This track always proves to be the perfect summer track with its upbeat and R&B sound. The composition and lyrics are both so playful, you can’t help but smile.

8. Reality – AKMU

How can such an upbeat song have such depressing lyrics? Honestly its insane. But the things they mention they aren’t wrong about. AKMU is so unique like that. Their lyrics are so….AKMU.

9. I Know You Know – Boys Under the Moon (Produce 101)

I love this track so much. Its the perfect ode to that classic funk style and I adore everything about it. These boys did so well with this song, you don’t realize it was for a competition show. I love. Its so good. Just Listen.

Here’e my whole playlist if you wanna check it out

What songs did you like? Any you would’ve added? Lets talk about it!


P.S. The little prince by Ryeowook is good. Listen to it like I am doing right now.


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