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Seventeen Profile and Why I love them

Time for next profile, this time on Seventeen. Because there’s so many members, the set up will be a bit different, but nothing crazy.

Song of the Day: The Little Prince by Ryeowook

This is Seventeen (SVT)

Top row from left: Vernon, Jun, Wonwoo, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Dokyeom, Mingyu, The8                           Bottom row: Seungkwan, Joshua, Woozi, Dino, Hoshi

Debut: May 26, 2015

Debut Song: Adore U (17 Carat)

Latest Realese: Don’t Wanna Cry (AL1)

Group members: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino (13)

Label: Pledis Ent.

Awards: Best Star Award (2016), World Rookie Award (2016) Rookie of the Year (2016) and others.

Fandom Name and Colors: Carats/ Rose Quartz and Serenity

Adore U:

Members (By Unit)

Vocal Unit




Real Name: Yoon Jeonghan

Birthdate: Oct.04.95 (21)

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea






Real Name: Hong Jisoo

Birthdate: Dec.30.95 (21)

Hometown: Los Angeles, United States






Real Name: Lee Jihoon

Birthdate: Nov.22.96 (20)

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

*Vocal Team leader and Producer*




Real Name: Lee Seokmin

Birthdate: Feb.18.97 (20)

Hometown: Suji gu, Yongin si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Main Vocal*




Full Name: Boo Seungkwan

Birthdate: Jan.16.98 (19)

Hometown: Jeju-do, South Korea

*Main Vocal*


Fun Facts:

  • The Main Vocals, Dokyeom and Seungkwan along with member Hoshi, form the odd but unbreakable Gag Trio (BooSoonSeok). Some hilariously weird things can happen when any of the three get together
  • The Vocal team has shown this sad, sad tendency of forgetting about Joshua whenever doing things as a unit. Poor Josh.


What I love about them: They are a very skilled group of boys. These kids excel at singing, each of them having a very unique tone. Dokyeom has even been compared to seniors because their singing is so developed for their age.

However, they are not the idols to just sing whatever. These kids compose, write, arrange and produce their own songs. They often show their unique style in their work and one more thing that makes me love Seventeen.

Vocal Unit at their best

 Hip Hip Unit




Real Name: Choi Seungcheol

Birthdate: Aug.8.95 (21)

Hometown: Daegu, South Korea

*Hip Hop Unit Leader, General Leader*




Full Name: Jeon Wonwoo

Birthdate: Jul.17.96 (20)

Hometown: Changwon, South Korea






Full Name: Kim Mingyu

Birthdate: Apr.6.97 (20)

Hometown: Anyang si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Face of Group*





Real Name: Chwe Hansol

Birthdate: Feb.18.98 (19)

Hometown: New York, United States (but has lived in Korea most his life)


Fun Facts

  • Often described as the ‘Visual Team’ as each member as been described to have outsatnding visuals. Most of the Visual Line (or Model Members), Mingyu, Wonwoo and Jun are on this team
  • Wonwoo actually had to take a break from activities for a while due to Acute Gastritis. The group often used a stuffed animal with glasses  similar to Wonwoo’s, to represent him on his leave.


What I love about them: This hip hop team is one of crazy versatility. That may not seem possible for a hip hop team, but they really do it. And they do it  well, too. Some of their songs are beautifully mellow with sweet lyrics. Others, resemble more classic hip-hop with more vulgar words,( but also great).  Most fall in the middle. Their extremely versatile style, while still staying rappers, make the songs completely unique.  

It was hard to pick a song that best represented  them simply because of how different each song is. But I decided to go with the song that had the mellow sound, but the words are quite strong.

Hip Hop Unit at their best:

Performance Unit




Real Name: Wen Junhui

Birthdate: Jun.10.96 (20)

Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China






Real Name: Kwon Soonyoung

Birthdate: Jun.15.96 (20)

Hometown: Namyangju si, Gyeonggi do, South Korea

*Performance Team Leader*




Real Name: Xu Minghao

Birthdate: Nov.07.97 (19)

Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning, China






Real Name: Lee Chan

Birthdate: Feb.11.99 (18)

Hometown: Iksan si, Jeollakbu do, South Korea




Fun Facts

  • The entirety of the China Line resides in this unit: Jun and The8. Each came from China with pretty cool credentials: Jun was a child actor and The8 was apart of a well known b boy group.
  • Leader Hoshi coined (and will probably trademark) “10:10-Hoshi Time”. This small phrase popped up because he believes his eyes are angled the same way as clock hands at 10:10.


What I love about them: They ooze talent and uniqueness. Every dance you see Seventeen dance is so unique and so clearly tells a story in the fun and cool ways. These boys come up with moves that no one else would never think of and they always find fun ways to incorporate props.

Each member has a very distinct style, and you can see each of them, especially in Performance unit dances. From bubbly songs, to more sexy cheoro, the team can do jsut about anything. This unit never fails to empress viewers, new and old.

Performance unit at their best:

Songs Time!

(Ultimate Intro to SVT playlist)

Title Songs:

Other 13 member songs:

Hip Hop:



Maybe a Cover or two?..

Fun Facts about Seventeen!

  • They are often referred to as Kindergarten Idols because whenever transitioning from anyplace, they must walk in lines, in pairs. They also can’t leave to go to the restroom unless in a trio.
  • They had a predubut show on YouTube for about two years before debuting called 17tv. A lot of fandom jokes originate there.
  • They debuted through an MBC series called Seventeen Project.
  • Thier fandom name is becuse of thier predebut song/ first album, Shining Diamond/17 Carat
  • Their fandom colors were the Pantone colors of the year for 2016 (Rose Quartz and Serenity)


Why I love Seventeen

The one big reason why: They are so their own. They aren’t called Self Producing Idols for no reason. Everything is done by them. From song making, to cheoro, to even final touches like the album cover is done by members. But a lot of idols do that right? What every idol doesn’t do is create something that is completely new, that is completely their own. Seventeen has done that. With interesting composition and cheoro unlike everything else put out, Seventeen shines bright.


But the other thing is their loving nature and amazing friendship. Each member has their own very distinct personality, but they all mesh together so well. Seeing them laugh and joke around with each other is so refreshing to see. You would never think so many boys could be so close, but they all have fun, and they all want to create good memories together.



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  1. I feel like I’m finally able to come to “the other side” or be a carat after reading this post (and after watching the Don’t Wanna Cry MV 8 times in a row) 🙂


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