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Fall in love with Seventeen!: Love and Letter Physical Albums

So today I’ll show you a vlog! Its of my first pysical album, and my sister’s third: Seventeen’s 1st full album Love and Letter. So, lets start shall we?

Song of the Day: Jojo by SHINee

So first off, I should talk about the what a physical album is right? Well, its just you think, old school CDs. Now the reason that you often will hear about them in kpop is because they’re super collectible and have lots of value.


Physical albums are not a CD. They often come in sturdy, well designed cases. Standard with Physicals are a photobook and a photocard of some kind. The photocard is always signed by the member pictured and little message, too.


And those things are what make them so desirable. Extra photos that aren’t available online and a chance to have a signed picture of your bias is exciting! As a bonus, most people also get a poster to go along. (Which I always try to do.)


Personally, I have 3 kpop albums: 1 Seventeen (Love and Letter) and 2 SHINee (1and1 and Married to the Music). My sister also has 3 albums: 2 Seventeen ( Boys Be and Love and Letter) and 1 Got7 (Flight Log: Arrival).

Anyway, Enough of me typing, lets get on with it! P.S. – for more on Seventeen, check out this post



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