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My Top 10 Favorite MVs

I’ve seen a lot of MVs over the last year and 2 months and most of them are pretty great. However, there a few that stick out in my mind. So let’s take a set back from the music itself and look at my favorite MVs!

Song of the Day: Let Me Out by Jonghyun (JUST LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM. PLEASE)

10 . Press Your Number – Taemin

This MV shines with its plot and the execution of it. On the surface, this MV is insane. There’s flashbacks that skip back and forth through time, and props that seem meaningless. However, the story told is pretty deep and interesting as we see the mental deterioration of the protagonist. I also talk about this MV here.

9. And July – Heize and Dean

This MV (and a lot on this list ) is a lot of fun! I love the color and aesthetics this MV has to offer, but what’s even better is the brother/ sister rivalry throughout. One after one, the duo prank each other relentlessly, destroying their apartment and themselves in the progress. The back and forth make this MV and fun watch.

8. Dear Santa – Girls Generation TTS

I know this is a Christmas track, but the MV is beautiful. The thing that really makes this MV special is their stunning outfits presented to us one after the other. The also seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves as they were filming this. Their laughter and smiles are easily found through out this dream like MV.

7. Overcome – NU’EST

I’m extremely bias toward this MV. Its the MV that got me into kpop! I love the aesthetics and the story line of this MV. The story of knights(NU’EST) protecting their queen(Fandom) is so apparent, and very sentimental to the boys. The setting of the snowy forest and abandoned castle add another beautiful element to this MV.

6. Check In – Seventeen Hip Hop Team

I honestly don’t know what’s better: the aesthetics presented in the colors or the beautiful shots of urban life. This MV is a patchwork of the different places the group had visited during their Asia Pacific Tour last summer. And just like one of grandma’s quilts, each piece seems to work so perfectly together. Neon lights and the Australian coast. Crowed buildings and empty monuments. Its so artfully executed without becoming an art film.

5. Ah-Ah (Free Ver.) – Teen Top

This group of probably high school outcast are really something else. When allowed to do as they please on their MV set, some weird, cute and awkward things seem to happen at every corner. The color scheme just adds to the fun this group and MV has to offer.

4. Q&A – Seventeen x Ailee

This MV is so cute.  I adore the colors and simplicity of the set. However the the interesting tug of war between the boys and the girl is what really makes this MV special. Having to study before their date/ test is a really fun way of showing the struggles of of trying to correctly read a girl’s intentions and having to tiptoe over her emotions. Plus, the boys look honestly amazing in this MV.

3. Pretty U – Seventeen

This song is really great. But the MV is equally amazing. We follow the boys on their quest to throw a huge party. The fun they have running around town, having a food fight, and ultimately having too much fun at this insanely huge party make this so much fun to watch. You can really see of their personalities shine through.

2. Sweet Girl – B1A4

I adore this MV with all my heart. The colors are amazing. The concept is beautifully executed. The main points in the MV is each boy getting their chance with the girl in a dream like sequences. However, it never feels like they’re fighting over the girl. Each member’s scene is completely different and full of personality. There has been so many instances where I’ve watched this MV for the beauty of it.

1. Delicous – Toheart

This MV has always stood out to me. What makes this almost seven minute MV so special is the plot line. We follow the two members of Toheart, Key and Woohyun, as they rediscover their old childhood playhouse and fight over a girl they’ve always had their eyes on. The bright colors and mismatched make this MV even more childlike. This MV is truly something new, and unlike anything before or after. I really love the out of the box concept and makes this duet that much more special.

So…Any favorites on here? What’s your favorite MV? Lets discuss!



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