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Jjong’s Birthday Post

It’s April 8th, Jonghyun’s 27th birthday! Exciting no? I decided to write a short post celebrate. So let’s do it!

So, What has Jjong done since last April 8th?

-He’s released a full album, She Is
-Was a guest on SNL Korea (3 Minute Best Friend?!?!)
-Released a SM Station Track (Inspiration)
-Had his fisrt full solo concert (X Inspiration)
-And was a apart of the first formal SM x YG collaboration by writing Lee Hi’s Breathe

It was such a busy year for him, but he accomplished a lot. I’m a very proud mother.

How about he talk about the birthday boy himself?

I love everything about Jjong, but here a few of my favorite points:

-His smile
-Big eyes
-Amazing and Special voice
-Whenever he dresses up in a suit
-His comfy but stylish airport fashion

-Everything he ever has and ever will compose
-The amazing creativity that possess
-The beautifully romantic way his mind works
-How sweet he is with his fans

-The thoughtful and truly helpful advice he is so willingly to give to anyone in need
-The open mindedness that helps him learn from his mistakes and grow
-The love that he shows to his family, and they way everything goes back to them

I love Jjong and hopes he goes even farther this year. Happy Birthday Jonghyun!



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