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Jjong’s Last Blue Night…

Hey Guys! Today is kind of a sad day for the SHINee fandom and I wanted to tell why. So, lets get into it.

So, today was Jonghyun’s last Blue Night Radio broadcast “for a while.” Jjong has been DJ of this radio for three years now, and everyone’s pretty sad to see him go.

To make this last day special, the radio was made viewable and was filmed and recorded in the garden studio, where an audience can come and watch. Jonghyun even came dressed nicely in a blue suit!

For the radio broadcast itself, a few special guest dropped by, Younha, Coffee Boy, and Go Young Bae. As a surprise for Jonghyun, Minho even dropped by! So many friends all in one day. (´∀`) Instead of just talking about the usual topics, they also read many letters sent by fans! They were all spread out on the table, many with blue envelopes, all with beautiful messages and art.


It’s really sad to see Jonghyun go. Although it’s only for a while, this radio was a daily connection for many people! He did so much on this radio for others. He is amazing at giving advice and helping others through tough times. This radio was a chance for him to do that for so many, and we all really appreciate that.

We also learned so much about Jjong through his radio! All the stories and the little snippets about his daily life just made the connection between listeners and Jjong that much stronger.

Not to mention all the music that came from the radio, too! Jjong is a songwriter and composer and the radio was a great place for him to showcase his talents.

A lot of people are going to miss hearing this sentimental kid everyday including me. It was so sad to see Jjong crying as he talked about leaving…But Jjong is on to bigger things now, right? So rest and then keep going, Jjong! We’re always here for you!♡♡♡

Banner: jjongd is on a temporary leave, he’ll be back soon so please wait for him. At the End of the day, lets meet in our shared space again. 


=So far this was Blue Night Jonghyun=


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