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HOT DEBUT: We are Pristin!

Another Pledis Group has debuted! Pristin’s first mini album “Hi! Pristin” has been released with the Title Song, “Wee Woo!” So, does the debut live up to the nearly year long hype?

Song Review

I adore Wee Woo! It’s a lot of fun and so is the MV. I love the pop sound of the track and the colorfulness of the MV. All the girls look great, too! I can’t wait to learn even more about them.

Album Review (spotify + youtube)

This is definitely a Pledis album. There is so much variation in the album that makes it so enjoyable. I love “Over and Over” as I’ve never heard a girl group song quite like it. Black Widow‘s beat is so sick, and so different than the rest of the songs. However, “We” is more classic girl group but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Image result for pristin hi pristin

Also, their debut stage is so good! Their dancing skills are good, just like any other Pledis Group. Their live vocals are also great!

I can really see them going far as a girl group. Thier songs are diverse but really well done, and for me at least, stand out a bit from the rest.

So… will you check the album out? You should! Do you already have a favorite member? Let’s talk about it!



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