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Sunny Days and Infinite Nights – Playlist

I feel like the time is right for another playlist! This one is fit for the whole day- happy songs to keep you going and thoughtful tracks for stargazing. So, let’s get started!

Sunny Day Songs – Orange

Infinite Nights – Purple

Song of the Day: Fall in Love by GFriend

First song is Colorful by SHINee! A happy and fun track that just makes you feel good! The MV just adds to good vibes as they look back in their eventful fifth year

Next is moody track Back 2 U. A favorite off of NCT 127’s album, this mid tempo track is full of emotion. The struggle they have with letting go is heartbreaking, but you feel happy when they finally do.

Neon Yeppunda! Seventeen’s Pretty U is a dramatic song about the boys asking their crush on a date. The song is so cute and innocent, its sure to make you smile.

Ah, Love is Magic…I love the jazzy feel of this track. Not to mention Baro’s deep voice rapping. This song is the perfect lullaby if you don’t like crazy ballads.

It’s a Dunk Shot! A NCT Dream song is sure to be cute, right? This cover the boys did for their latest release is super fun, cute, and happy and just all around perfect for a sunny day.

NU’EST made it on this playlist with song My Heaven. An absolute favorite from them, this unique mid tempo song is perfect for late nights. The imagery and metaphors are sure to take your breath away.

How about a Girl Group song next? Navillera by GFriend is a track I’ve been listening to lately. The fast tempo and unique composition is really fun and makes this song stand out against other girl groups.

Seventeen is back with a track completely different than Pretty U, I Don’t Know. The R&B vibes from this almost breakup song is completely hypnotizing. There are three rappers featured on the track and each of their parts are 👌👌👌.

Time for another SHINee track, Do Me Right! I adore this Japnese track off of their newest album, Five. The fun lyrics and joy filled melody makes this song perfect for any Sunny Day.

A song that always seems to pull me in is Play Me by Taemin. Another track with a jazzy sound, the soft words that Taemin sing are perfect for lazy nights whenever you just want to lay around.

Another girl group song perfect for happy days is On the Road by DIA! It’s a classic sounding girl group song perfect for spring and summer. The smiles of the girls in the Mv are sure to make you smile, too.

Shall we do another SHINee track? Hit Me by SHINee is older (from their 2nd mini album, circa 2009) but is still timeless. The old school vibes of the track add to the melancholy feel of the song.

Introduce me to your Noona by NU’EST is especially fun. The storyline of a boy trying to talk to his best friend’s older sister. The song so innocent and makes for a fun listen.

Seoul by B1A4 is one of my favorites from this playlist. Can’t you imagine yourself walking around Seoul at night while listening to this song? I love the chill mode this song gives off, its a great song to wind down to.

Red Velvet’s Sunny Afternoon says it all in the name. The song is an easy listen that is made for sunny days. Imagine walking about a field and just enjoying your life as you listen. Just puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

Lastly is A Scene Without You by Nu’est. The song is perfect to sway along to. The melody is simple but striking, making it great for starry nights. I love the simplicity of the track and the soft sound of their voices as they sing about their emotions.

How’d you like this playlist? Any other songs you would listen to on Sunny days and Infinite Nights? Let me know about it!



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