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Let’s Talk about NCT Dream! My First and Last

I’m finally back, and this time talking about the little princes, NCT Dream! These cool kids are back again, with their first single album, The First, and title song, My First and Last. Will the era live up to all the hype ( and all the cute teasers photos…)?

Song of the Day: Dangerous by SHINee

nct dream group 1
You can probably see that Jaemin is missing in all these photos. He is sick with a herniated disc and couldn’t participate in this comeback. 😦 Get better soon, Jaemin!


MV First Impressions

My first though was literally, “Ooh, yes.” The fact that they started off this funky/cute song with Haechan’s voice made it 10 times better. And the blend between cute and old school is amazing.

For the MV itself, so cute! The classic student crush on teacher is showcased here, but in an innocent way, which was really great on SM’s end. The MV is perfect for NCT Dream’s vibe.

I wouldn’t want to forget to mention the great cheoro, full of great synchronization, and crazy moves. They did a great job of showing off their skills on their comeback stage on M Countdown.


So everything about this comeback is fun, youthful, and colorful. Although, their image seems a bit younger than the member’s actually age. Personally, I don’t mind it much.

Image result for nct dream my first and last teasers

I love the shots in their everyday colorful clothes. The colors and prints clash in the most perfect way. But I must say, the uniform shots are really cute, and I might like them a bit more.


They all looked really good, especially of we consider the money SM put into this (Jisung and Chenle in Gucci? Wow, SM) Yea, this concept is definitely something that fits these kids.

Album First Impressions

So this release was a single album. Which is a bit disappointing considering the other units both have mini albums out. However, I do understand it may not have been possible with two members, Haechan and Mark,  just being in NCT 127’s comeback and Jaemin being sick, but still, they deserve it.

The single album has the Korean and Chinese versions of both My First and Last and Chewing Gum. It also included a cover they did of Dunk Shot (Lee Seung Hwan)

I actually really love Dunk Shot. It has this older 2nd generation kpop feel to it. It totally reminds of Happiness by Super Junior. This song choice was great for NCT Dream and this single album.


Overall, this comeback is good. It feels right with the image of NCT Dream, and is just super fun in general.

nct dream

Again, this probably should have been a mini album, but the extra song they added is fitting. However, SM made up for it by giving us amazing choreography. Not to mention how much I love the colorful concept.

Yea, NCT Dream did a pretty good job this time around.

Hey! These kids have a website! Check it Out!

Do you like this release? Think you wanna stan? Tell me about it!




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