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I’m Your Boy!

Let’s venture into the part of k pop that goes farther than just Korean… Japanese releases from k pop idols, specifically シャイニーのにほんごアルバム、「 I’m Your Boy」!Let’s get started, shall we?

Song of the Day: Juliet by EXO-CBX

So, most artist have a separate career in another country besides Korea, either China or Japan. For SHINee, they started their Japan career in 2011, not too long after they debuted. They started off primarily redoing their old title songs in Japanese. Like replay – which became 君は僕のeverything. (you are my everything)

They released songs and did small venue concerts like this for the first year. Starting in 2012, they began to release Japanese originals, like Dazzling Girl and 「1000年ずうとそばにいで。。。」 (1000 years always by your side)Image result for shinee 1000 years always by your side



Currently,SHINee has released four Japanese albums and a plethora of singles, the latest on being the winter track, Winter Wonderland. There is also plans to release their fifth Japanese album, FIVE, on February 22. The hype is real, okay?

Anyway, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into my favorite Japanese album from the boys, I’m Your Boy.

So about I’m Your Boy:


Just like their previous album, Boys Meet U, there is definitely a cohesive theme to this album. Its super happy and colorful. Most of the songs are up beat and have happy messages. That’s probably why I love it so much, all the songs are just feel good tracks.

There’s a few MVs for the songs on this list, the first being Boys Meet U. It’s a fun summer song, with really cute lyrics abut loving all different types of girls.

Next is 3 2 1! This MV is lots of fun as the boys bounce around singing about living your dreams and not stopping for anything!!! So inspirational.

After that is Lucky Star. It’s a classic cute song, with a really fun concept. It’s cool that you see them making the letter blocks they use later in the choreography. You can even tell they are homemade.


I never really thought about it much, but my favorite songs on the albums are probably the title track, Downtown Baby, and the ballad track, Colors of the Season.

Downtown Baby is the perfect mix between SHINee and japan. カラフとかわいいですね!!The track is one that never fails to make me smile. You can hear the Japanese influences, but the track still sounds like SHINee. They really didn’t lose themselves in this track.

“僕だけのDowntown Baby, Cruising, Cruising, 君の街をLooking Around…”

As for Colors of the Season, it always stood out to me amoung all of SHINee’s ballad tracks. This track is reminiscent of Japanese ballad, but still has a SHINee feel to it.

That perfect combo is what makes SHINee’s Japanese songs different. It still has influences from Japan, but doesn’t lose the SHINee sound that makes them special. wp-1484150879824.jpg




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