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10 thoughts I had while watching “Hwarang”

Bam! The most anticipated series of the season has finally began airing! With its star studded cast and interesting concept, this historical drama had a lot hype to live up to. Well, had it go? Let’s dive into my thoughts on Hwarang.  (Flowering, or BeatifulKnights)

Song of the Day:  Drunk with Music by CNU (B1A4) 

  1. “oh dear”
    1. In the first minutes of the story, we already see a fight about to break out. However before any real fight can begin, we see a character named Moo-Myung pass out cold. His friend, Muk Mun, tries to ward off the trio trying to attack Moo-Myung, but instead gets attached himself. Moo Myung does wake up soon enough to save his friend from the trio. This maybe all in the first five minutes.
  1. “I think that’s illegal”
    1. As we get deeper into the first episode, we see Moo-Myung and Muk Mun scaling the wall of the capital. The fact that they aren’t going though an entry way, and how they are dressed helps understand that they are peasants, and peasants aren’t allowed in the capital. I don’t know how smart of an idea this was, but they have good reason. Muk Mun wished to be re united with his father and sister from which he was separated years before
  1. “You’re lying straight to my face. Shut up”
    1. The first character we meet that is from inside the capital is Ah Ro, a young woman who in this seen is telling a very unbelievable story, of a women who concealed her identity simply by painting a mole on her face. From a distance, we see a young man watch her, who seems will become important later on. Also very judgmental.
  1. “And this is why they don’t allow peasants in they capital”
    1. Not soon there after, we see our low class duo walk into a shop and witness a gambling match. When he sees a man lose all his saving due to cheating on the other man, Moo-Myung automatically bets his life in order to get the money back to the rightful owner. After exposing the con man and revealing his identity, all hell breaks lose, which ends in that con man vowing to get his revenge.
  1. “Again, this may not be the best course of action”
    1. Ah Ro is quite the interesting girl. After being accused of drinking the alcohol she was supposed to be selling, he decided to make herself guilty of the crime, by downing a whole jug of alcohol before leaving. Now, totally wasted, tries to chase stealing children down the street. However, she ends up falling after bumping into Moo-Myung and he catches her. Moo-Myung dumps Ah Ro in the dirt. How romantic.
  1.  “Family issues…”
    1. The rightful owner of the throne, Sammaekjong,  came to visit it after a decade of being hidden in the darkness,  and his mother immediately questions his presence. We see a flashback to when the prince was young, and the palace was being attacked. This is was probably the moment when the queen thought it best for him to leave.
  1. “don’t do anything stupid”
    1. Once night falls, we see the young aristocrat hit the club, 630 AD style!!! Anyway its not much different than what we see today. Muk Mun happens to spot Ah Ro, who happens to where a necklace similar to his, which would show she was his sister. He finds a way to get in,despite his being denied at the door. I’m just there, hoping this doesn’t mean anymore trouble, despite it being inevitable.
    1. As you can see, I only came here for Minho(his character is Sooho). He’s an officials son, and is super good looking. He arrives at the club along with rival, Banryu, followed by thier respective gangs/entourage. Sooho’s gang ends up secretly listening to one of Ah Ro’s outrageous stories instead of hitting on girls, along with Sammaekjong and some of Banryu’s gang members.
  2. “you did something stupid good job.”
    1. As expected, Muk Mun did something stupid. After bumping into an already upset official’s son, he avoided the questions the son asked and was find out to be a peasant that illegally entered the capt ital. Without hesitation, the son began to beat the life out of the poor guy.

  1. “Oh great, another fight. Good job guys.
    1. Now, we have all three parties gathered. We have, Sooho and Banryu gangs gathered( they hat each other) and this really mad, drunk dude and Moo-Myung are in the middle of the dance floor about to battle it out. This is an amazing way to end the first episode. Great going guys.


Ok, so that first episode was quite the ride, but an enjoyable one. I enjoyed all the episodes that have come out so far, and anticipate what happen next. I SUGGEST YOU WATCH. ALL OF YOU. (here). I hope that you like it?!?!?!

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