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SHINee profile and Why I Love Them

Ok, time for a profile on my bias group, SHINee! I’ll also being one for Seventeen and B1A4 so look out for those.

Song of the Day: Fast Pace by Seventeen 


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Debut: May 25, 2008

Debut Single: Replay

Latest Release: 1of1/ 1and1(Tell Me What to Do)

Group Members: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho,Taemin (5)

Labels: SM Ent. EMI(Jap) UNIVERSAL(Jap)

Awards: Rookie Grand Slam(2008), Artist of the Year(2013), Prime Minister Popular Culture and Arts Award(2016), and others

Fandom Name and Color: Shawols ( SHINee World)/ Pearlescent sky blue


*A Rookie Grand Slam means that the artist won every rookie award available for that year.



Related image

Real Name: Lee Jinki

Birth date: Dec.14.1989 (oldest)

Height: 178cm (5’10”)

Position: Leader + Main Vocal

Solo Career: actor (Decedents of the Sun) TV Personality (Eat Sleep Eat)

Fun Facts

  •  -Won newcomer award for his performance in Decedents of the Sun
  • -He’s super clumsy and makes lots of mistakes. This disease is called ‘Onew Condition’

What I love about him: He’s so cute! He has a cute personality and smile that always makes you happy. Also his voice. He has such a unique tone, that is reminiscent of cold winter nights inside, wrapped in a blanket, warm and inviting. It’s really amazing to hear him sing.

Onew At His Best:



Image result for shinee jonghyun 2016

Full Name: Kim Jonghyun

Birth date: Apr.9.1990

Height: 174cm (5’9″)

Position: Lead Vocal

Solo Career: Soloist( Albums BASE and SHE is) Radio Host (blue night)

Fun Facts:

  • –  doesn’t like acting
  • -Showed off base skills at his solo concert, ‘X Inspiration’
  • – Great at composing,  i.e. Odd Eye, one of my all time faves

What I love about him: Well, he’s super friendly. With a big smile, he is always willing help you out, give advice, or just talk. Beyond that, he is so daring with his own music. All of his solo tracks are made by him, and you can hear how unique he is. With music, he is amazing. Also, he’s really hardworking. He’s been through a lot, and keeps working his way up, always finding room for improvement.

Jonghyun at His Best:


Related image

Real name: Kim Kibum

Birth date: Sept.23.1991

Height: 181cm (5’11”)

Position: Vocal + Lead Rapper

Solo Career: Stage Actor, TV actor, model,editor,stylist/designer

Fun Facts:

  • He is lead Fashion Director for SHINee
  • Was in a duet group with INFINTE’s Woohyun, called Toheart
  • Considered a Korean Fashion Icon

What I  love about him: BIAS ALERT Okay, so he’s undeniably himself. His no chill attitude and no filter mouth makes everything he does and says so KEY. He’s smart, he’s graceful, and he’s composed. Whenever he’s asked for advice, he always has the best things to say.  His round about talent and passion for what he does is apparent.

Key at his Best:


Image result for shinee minho 2016

Full Name: Choi Minho

Birth date: Dec.9.1992

Height: 184 (6’0″)

Position: Main Rapper + Face of Group

Solo Career: TV actor( to the Beautiful You) , Movie actor (Two Men Derailed)

Fun Facts:

  • Is big sports fan, and super competitive
  • His dad is a soccer coach, and he finds time to be on a college soccer team
  • He auditioned on a whim, and sang the national anthem for it

What I Love about him: Minho is full of energy. He is always bouncing around, and playing with the other members. He is a super cute child full of love. His Japanese sounding voice always gets to me. I love the way it sounds and his singing is super sweet and soft. He also has great stage presence and can change characters in .00000001 seconds.

Minho at his Best:


Image result for shinee taemin 2016

Full name: Lee Taemin

Height: 179cm (5’10”)

Position: Vocalist, + Main Dancer + maknae

Solo Career: Soloist (albums ACE and Press It)

Fun Facts

  • His main talent is dance
  • Best friends with Kai from EXO
  • He debuted at age 14

What I Love about him: He is unchanging, both in his dance style and personality. He dances the exact same way he did in his audition tape to the last dance he’s done. As for personality, he really has stayed static. While everyone else broke out of their shell since debut, people realized that Taemin is always shy and awkward. But those traits make him relateable.

Taemin at His Best: 

Songs Time!

I’ve created the ultimate Intro to SHINee playlist, but here’s some highlights

Old School SHINee:

A Classic:

Over to Japan:


Stage Presence:

A Ballad:

A Happy go Lucky

That SHINee Sound:

“A Contemporary R&B Group”:

What makes SHINee special?

Image result for shinee 2016

SHINee has a lot of things going for them but there a couple of things that really make them different. First off, they experiment with their sound and they do it well. From Lucifer to Juliette, Why so Serious and Married to the Music, they seems to always comeback with something different and they pull it off well.

Next thing is stage presence. These kids were born to perform. With amazing live vocals and stunning choreography, they always stand out. Everything from your makeup to your expressions effect how powerful you are own stage. SHINee seems to control it without even trying. They truly shine like the brightest stars, even when the nights are darkest. They have such unique voices that you would never hear in American Music and that just helps them stand out more.

SHINee is a hardworking and passionate group that has seen their struggles be rewarded with great success. Still, they stay humble and loving and Shawols appreciate that love.




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