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Go BOOMBOOM with Seventeen at ‘Going Seventeen’ Showcase!

Today let’s take in a look at the latest showcase for one of my favorite groups, Self-Producing Idols Seventeen. Let’s get started!!!

Song of the Day: I Don’t Know by Seventeen

Ok, so first song was…. AJU NICE!!!

This is the song from their earlier release and is very high energy. It’s a lot of fun, and I really like seeing the boys enjoying themselves onstage.

-This is actually the whole showcase, too-

Next was a talk segment with a few interesting questions with odd answers.

Q: What would do if you were manager?

A: [S.Coups] I would drive them somewhere, and leave them

Q: What would you do if you had a day off?

A: [Woozi] I would sleep for seven days straight. [Seungkwan] I would go around to all the good restaurants.

Q: If you could switch bodies with another member, who would you choose?

A: [Hoshi] Wonwoo.

Q: Why?

A:[Hoshi] He told me to pick him.

Next they performed their unit songs!!

Because Seventeen is so large( 13 members) They are broken into three groups: Hip Hop, Vocal, and Performance Unit. They were chosen to be put into a unit based on each member’s personal talent. On most of their albums, there is a feature song from each unit.

First unit to perform was the hip hip unit, with song Lean on Me. This track is one of my favorites on the album. I love hearing The Hip Hop unit sing and the lyrics are super sweet.

“[S.Coups] Carats give us strengths when we’re down or tired, carats probably get down and tired, too. So it’s a song saying you can lean on us.”

Cute, no? I love that song, it always puts a smile on my face.

Next unit is….Vocal Unit!! They beautifully sing their song, “Don’t Listen Secretly.” This track is particularly moving with a sad melody and emotional voices. Ballad songs like this one are extremely touching, and the Vocal unit executes their own perfectly.

Ahh, now i’m crying. Last unit to go is Performance Unit. This song, HIGHLIGHT, is EDM track, perfect for dancing. The Unit really shines with their great voices, and exceptional choreography, made by the unit themselves. The first time I saw it I was SHOOK. You probably will be, too. Can you spot the Chinese hidden in the song?

We had another talking segment after all the kids performed.

Seungkwan exposed producer-child Woozi and how he came up for the Vocal unit’s song. He had done it over holiday,the kid is always working on something new.

The8 showed us the Chinese lyrics hidden in the performance unit song.

After this was the question game. They had to answer questions honestly, or they would get shocked. This game garnered some some odd faces that were supposed be passionate or refreshing. Both Dokyeom and Wonwoo had the best results when it came to passionate and refreshing, while Joshua’s looks all seemed to be the same.

Hoshi was loud and lively as usaual as he demonstarted his imitation of Wonwoo’s deep rapping voice and his acrobatic moves during the laser scene in the ‘BOOMBOOM’ MV

The next song was a group ballad track Laughter. Its really nice to hear all the members singing together. I love the simple sound of the melody and the guitar accompany. They are a truly talented group of kids.

After, we talked about title song BOOM BOOM from this new album. Dokyeom’s exaggeration of the already powerful point dance made the whole crowd roar with approval

After all of this, it was already time to wrap up and each member said their ending words for the showcase. Ah, I couldn’t handle seeing Dokyeom cry… They’ve all worked hard to create this album. Lastly, they performed the title song, BOOMBOOM.

BOOMBOOM is super crazy high energy track with a lot of fun with cheoro to match. It’s a great way to end such a fun and lively showcase with a Bang.

Well, that’s all for now! Time to say goodbye. Hope had fun reliving the showcase with me!

You should give the album a listen. Or maybe watch the broadcast?

Here’s a smiling Dokyeom to you goodbye!!




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