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Role Models

Hello there. This post is out of the blue, for you and me. I happened to come across a blog post that inspired me. So now at 1:11 am I am writing about my role models.

I’ve never really had a role model. I couldn’t see what was so amazing about Beyoncé or Michael Jordan, or any other person for that matter.  I pretended while to look up to John Green, but in reality, I never had a very deep connection or gotten a role model sense from any other person. I was pretty much doing things alone, without any kind of guiding force.

But then I happened upon this kind of known Korean group called Nu’Est. I really loved their newest song ,’Overcome’ and their older songs were just as good. I started to learn more and more about this group and especially my favorite member, Ren.


A first, I didn’t like him. His looks and voice didn’t appeal to me. However, once I learned more about him, I really started to love everything about him. He was different. He has this androgynous style that I really loved.

For a while I was scared that I only liked him only for his looks. A lot of people do that, Ren is the only reason they knew Nu’Est  existed. However for me, not only did I love all the members and the music they produce, but I knew there was so much more to Ren then just looks.

First off, he is so confident. You really have to be confident to dress the way  you want, especially of its against social standards. He’s always had a style with a feminine  touch. It’s been like this since before his debut. Despite all the nasty comments thrown at him, he still does what he wants.

Strength. Ren is strong and seemingly bullet proof. A lot od horrible things are said about him and his group. But somehow, he is still full of optimism and happiness. His good personality always shines through and he always manages  to make the other members smile.

When I found Nu’Est, it was February  in 8th grade. 8th grade was horrible. As  I began to  become my own person, and differ a bit from the people who populate my school, my self confidence went way down. However, every time I saw a picture of Ren, I could sense his confidence  and self love. I wanted to be like that.

I was always so protective of Ren last year. I hated when others looked at him weird, called him a girl or other vulgar things. I did this because I looked up to him for the same reason  they were so disgusted by him. They could never understand, but I thought he still deserved some kind of repect. He’s been through so much they would never know.

A Role Model is someone you want to be like. Its someone you look up to for guidance. I want to be like Ren. I want to have that confidence, I want to have that strength to be be exactly who I want to be. I don’t want to care about others opinions or approval.  I know it will be a while before I get where I want to be, but my role model is there to help me all the way there.



3 thoughts on “Role Models

  1. I really like (NO)love this. The fact that you made this post because you were inspired by my post really means a lot to me. When I wrote that blog post I didn’t really think it was that good. But to know you were inspired by my post to write this really blows my mind. Love it!

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