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King of Fashion : Favorite looks from Fashionista Key

SHINee’s Key (Kim Kibum) is known best for his fashion sense, even earning him the title of Fashion Director of SHINee. Let’s dive in into my favorite looks of my bias Key.

(half of) Kibum’s Closet! feat Garcon


Song of the Day: Girls, Girls, Girls by SHINee (here’s a lyric video, too)

Cute Beret in Paris

This look is like many of the outfits he wears these days: jeans and a t shirt, paired with a blazer and platform shoes. I love the simple and cute concept of this outfit, and the navy blue beret really compliments his short fringe well.

Maleficent Fur Coat

This is one of his more dark and daring looks that he wears on occasion. The main piece, the the long fur coat, is a unique piece you would only find on Key. Underneath the coat is a simple black turtleneck and light washed ripped&patched jeans. This look isn’t complete without the hair and makeup that truly bring this concept to life.

Denim on Denim

DxDxD Special Concert at Tokyo Dome

This outfit is one of his more cute and fun outfits. Being fashion director, he designed similar outfits for the rest of SHINee. The look is a simple three piece outfit: Concert tee, ripped&patched jeans, and a denim jacket covered in colorful patches. I like this one, its cute!

Classic Key: Shorts Suit


Key has some type of obsession with shorts. This outfit is one my favorite uses of the shorts. He pairs black shorts with a white t shirt and black blazer. Another staple of his is high socks and platforms, which he wears in this look. Lastly, the headband he wears is a accessory you wouldn’t usually expect from an outfit like this, but fits it well.

Elegant Key: lace and patterned blazers


Fun Fact: Kibum wears a lot of blazers. Another Fun Fact: He also wears see through shirts a lot. Put these two things together and you get this elegant look. This outfit consist of a lace top, patterned blazer, and black slacks. Elegant and classy, perfect for a semi formal event.

Red Airport Look


Key’s fashionable tendencies were first shown in the looks he sported at airports. His clean and sophisticated attire includes a white long sleeved top, black jeans, and the stand out piece, a red jacket. He accessorizes with a patterned scarf and black handbag. This look is totally him, as it stands out in a gracious way.

Puma Outfit.


This one is kind of out of the ordinary for Kibum, but it fits him well. He wears a pair of cuffed ripped jeans, a black sweater, and sneakers. He adds a silver chain and headband to complete the look. This outfit is a bit sporty and urban for the usually Key, but he pulls it off without even trying.

Leather and Floral

Ah, an absolute favorite of mine. This look is a chic take on the usual bad-boy leather jacket. Key is wearing a floral top under a leather jacket with black jeans, (ripped at the knees) and ankle boots. He finishes off the outfit with sunglasses, a simple necklace, and a large black handbag. This is so chic, it fits his style well.

Bad Boy Leather


Classic bad boy Key rocks this concept with ease. His black and white striped shirt under a lather jacket is paired with black jeans and boots. This look wouldn’t be complete without his hair being styled up, the eyeliner, and extra silver chain. Key’s diversity is definitely shown through his uses of the leather jacket in the last two looks.

A Romantic Outfit

DxDxD Special Concert at Tokyo Dome

This last look is another Key designed outfit for SHINee’s latest Japanese concert. This simple and elegant ensemble consist of a white top with a long back, black slacks and platform shoes. This outfit has a simple but elegant silhouette that make all the members shine on stage.

BONUS: This basically sums up Key’s Obsession in one song. ( DxDxD Special Concert, Key’s Solo Stage ‘LookBook’)

Do you like Key’s style? How would you feel if he styled your outfits?




One thought on “King of Fashion : Favorite looks from Fashionista Key

  1. Honestly, Key’s Fashion choices Is DEFINITELY not my style! He dresses WAAAAAAAAAAY to classy, and I really don’t like that style, however, I would want him to style my outfits. (I’ve always wanted a personal stylist, plus I can be lazy and not spend the struggles of picking out my own clothes) Also, it would be interesting to see what he chooses for me.


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