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Kpop through Kpop: Music Shows and Voting

The main way of promoting, charting and having a successful era is through music shows. Music shows are where artist come and preform their new song, usually live. Fans are always there to support with fan chants,(chants given to the fans by the company, for them to say during the live stages). Music Shows are basically a competition, and there is a winner at the end of each one. Winning a music show shows the groups popularity and the success of an era. There is about five different music shows, and SHINee’s first live stage was at the well known M Countdown (Where Key is a regular host).

They did two songs, Prism (MUST WATCH) (hq)

And the title song, 1of1 (hq)

As you see, these stages are fully choreographed. However, they sang the whole song through, without sounding out of breath. This one of the many things kpop idols are trained to do. They are also taught to able to keep up their voices in order to perform lives so many times a week for so long. Groups do promotions for different amounts of time, usually six to eight weeks. However, SHINee will only promote for a month due to individual schedules. Interesting stages with cool dances like those are good way to get votes, on order to win music shows.

*Something to note about SHINee, is that unlike other groups, SHINee performs different songs for the 2nd live stage (i.e. Instead of Prism, they did Feel Good on KBS) However, they will always perform the title song. *


Fan voting is the main way to get your favorite groups to win. However, mv views and sales both physical and digital play a large part in deciding the winner. How much different elements are weighed differ from show to show.

After this? Fan Meets and Official Fans!



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