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Favorite Jonghyun Songs

Musically and vocally, Jonghyun from SHINee is my favorite artist out there. His unique voice and R&B/ Jazzy sound makes the songs he composes and writes perfect for only him. Today we’ll discuss my top song by Jjong. (songs are colored coded by album: BASE, Story op. 1, or She Is)

Song of the Day: Prism by SHINee

Orbit: “You’re my, you’re my space~.” This song is interesting and fun, just like the rest of the songs on the She Is album. The R&B sound with his perfect high notes make for an amazing song, that I am often listening to on repeat.

Red: This song is a favorite off of this album. I love the R&B mixed with his own unique style and voice. The urgency and passion found in both the lyrics and Jjong’s voice makes it a song you can help but be drawn into.

Cocktail: Wow. This song is a must listen of this list. Its different, its powerful, and the story told in the song is distinct. His voice is really stunning in this song, with powerful notes and noticeable emotion.

Love Belt: Jjong’s soft voice mixed with Younha’s, makes for a soft, sensible, and jazzy song you can’t help but hum along to. The idea of someone being your “love belt” as found in the lyrics really shows how different and interesting the workings of Jonghyun’s mind is.

Mono-Drama: This song is packed with emotion from the first note. Even before learning the heartbreaking lyrics, Jjong’s voice told all the sentiment and painful emotion I needed to know. This song is definitely one of my ultimate favorites by Jonghyun.

Suit Up: What a unique ballad. the sound reminds me of colored lights, but the song itself is so soft and elegant. This is a ballad that fits well with the whole vibe of the rest of the album. It’s like a breath of fresh air, really different and colorful.

End of the Day: This song is a classic ballad. Sweet and simple, emotional and soft. Tears rim your eyes and you don’t even know why. Jonghyun is known for having a strong, powerful voice, however, this song truly shows his softer side.

I’m Sorry: This track is heartbreaking and beautiful. Hearing him beg for forgivness over the beautiful compstion makes this song special. You hear Jjong sing at his higher range, and its lovely to hear him hit all the lovely, soft notes on this song.

Happy Birthday: This one pulled me in from the first note. The jazzy sound reminds me of Marilyn Monroe singing to the President. Jjong’s naturally jazzy voice shines in this track. This song is another you can’t help but hum along to as he wishes the listener a Happy Birthday.

 Diphylleia Grayi: The title of this hauntingly beautiful song is the scientific name for the Skelton Flower. This song is my favorite from Jjong. His notes are spectacular, and his unique voice has no limits which makes every syllable he sings absolutely breathtaking. The composition he made is phenomenal. This song feels to be more than just a song, but an incredible embodiment of the inner workings of Jonghyun’s creative and thoughtful mind.

To me, this is song isn’t a song, its more like art.

And here’s the full playlist. Did you like Jjong? Or do you prefer a different genre? Let me know!



3 thoughts on “Favorite Jonghyun Songs

  1. I listened to a few of the songs, and I actually really liked Monodrama. His voice is really calming, and the song is super catchy too. I might check out some more of his songs along with a few of SHINee’s to see how his voice compliments the other members. ;D


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