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Kpop through Kpop: Teasers

I am going to do a little thing where I explain the ins and outs of kpop through example of a group that is promoting now: SHINee

SHINEE’S BACK!!!! Time celebrate the comeback of the Kings themselves, SHINee

So on September 27, SM began teasing a 90s themed comeback called “1of1” for long awaited Group, SHINee. 650537_original.jpgAnd with that teasing began. Teasing is the process of hinting at the concept and songs in a new release. Different companies do this in different ways, but we’ll just follow SM for now. Teasing is the mark of a new era (promotion period), and for this release we were given a set schedule for teasing, and each day a few photos were dropped. Along with the 90s theme, there was also “SHINee’s pick!” on their instagram which was a small audio clip of a member’s song recommendation.

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Teasing with photos went until October 2, and SM started the next step: Video Teaser

Video Teasers are the big ones. They are put out a few days before the song release and really give you taste of what’s to come. This era, there was a pretty funny promotional video:

And then a MV(Music Video) teaser:

What’s next? Music Video and Charting! Stay Tuned

– Sakura



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