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Kpop through Kpop: MV and charting

What’s Up, What’s Up it’s already time for part two.

Song of the Day: Prism by SHINee

After all that teasing, it’s finally time for the album drop and MV release. Again this release is special, as the album is very 90s themed, and the physical album will come in both regular CD, and special edition cassette tapes.


As with any kpop physical, the album comes with the CD, photo book, postcards, a random signed member poster(in most alums it would be a photo card), and group poster. Physical albums are very popular, because all the collectible things it comes with. I want this one really bad.

Now, we can talk about MV. This MV was released 12am kst on October 5 (11am October 4 est). It’s the base of any good era. One thing to note about kpop is the involvement of choreography. As you will see in this MV, dancing is big part the video and the era.

Last thing for today is charting. Just like here in America songs are ranked on several different charts. In Korea, there is charts for daily and weekly sales, both digital and physical. e367c747-df09-49e6-a243-ae1892d946b5.pngSHINee, being as popular as they are, ranked very high on all charts, including #1 on the American kpop charts on iTunes. They also broke their own first day physical record by quite a bit ( old: 18,000 new: 41,000).

(here’s a link to the album on YouTube in case you are interested.)

After this? Music Shows and Voting! See you then!




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