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The Phenomenon Of Seventeen

This post is basically an essay on who Seventeen is. *for videos makes sure caption are on*

**Use this post to help with terms**

Song of the Day: Very Nice Acoustic ver. by Seventeen


SVT at recent Asia tour Indonesian Concert. From Left to right: Standing- Vernon, Dino, Seungkwan, Wonwoo, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Woozi, S.Coups, Joshua, Jun. Kneeling- The8, Mingyu, Dokyeom.




Seventeen (SVT) debuted May 26,2015, on MBC, with a showcase. In this showcase they also presented their debut song, 아낀다 (Adore U). Image result for seventeen adore uThe group consist of thirteen members, split into 3 units: hip hop team, vocal team, and performance team.The members are (oldest to youngest): S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, Dokyeom(DK), Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino.


Even before the release of Adore U, they were on the right path to success. Their company, Pledis, did a lot of pre debut exposure for the group of boys. From 2013 to early 2015 they did live steams on UStream called 17TV. These streams gave them exposure and introduced new and future fans(now referred to as ‘Carats’)  to their personalities. Leading up to their debut, they did a reality show on MBC that showed their album making process and helped solidify their well-know nickname: Self-Producing Idols.


Image result for seventeen predebut
SVT in their trainee days, pictures with two members that left before debut.

That nickname, Self-Producing Idols is very important to why they are so well recognized. Everything that you would need in order to make a k pop group successful can be found in the group. The members of the vocal unit elp with composition  and lyrics, and the hip hop unit constisting writes their own rap and also help out with composition from time to time. Next, the leader of the vocal unit, Woozi produces the songs, and lastly the performance unit work on the choreography. Even with the help they get from seniors, the core of their son making is done by members of the group since before debut, which makes them special.

Image result for seventeen project

Fun personalities always bring in more fans, and SVT has thirteen of those lovable personalities. Pledis has done a good job of putting the boys in fun situations that will show off their great personalities, as they did with the their infamous “One Fine Day.” All in all, they are given the chance to be themselves. Fun and lighthearted moments that are created from such events/programs are the basis of their fandom .

Image result for seventeen mansae funny
Performance Unit. Members: Hoshi(leader, in pink), The8(blonde, Dino(behind Hoshi), Jun(in very back)

And that really developed during their most successful era: 만세 (Mansae). Mansae (the English translation is along the lines of “hooray), the song that made SVT most popular rookie group of 2015. Mansae became the best selling rookie album of 2015. It debuted at number on one Billboard’s World Charts. Seventeen was the only k pop group on Billboard’s 21 under 21. They’ve won many awards all related to being best rookie, including “Best Rookie” from the Golden Disk awards, a prestigious and sought after award. Adore U got them noticed, but Mansae made them award winning artist. This was only a few months after their debut. They shot up to amazing heights in a such little time. This type of popularity usually takes time, whenever they do well like this, they are a talented group.Image result for seventeen awards


Unlike mostly any groups, Seventeen released their first full length album, Love&Letter, in their first year, with title song, 예쁘다 (Pretty U) . Image result for seventeen pretty uPretty U did very well  on charts, the most memorable moments from the era was their two wins on Music shows. On  May 4, Seventeen had their first win with Pretty U, on Show Champion. With tearful remarks,they thanked carats,and carats thanked them for their hard work. You see, all of those awards and recognition did not just happen because of luck. They worked hard in order to reach the level were at when they debuted. Having voices and skills on par with senior groups, took 3 to 6 years on training. Their win was important to them because they aren’t just being recognized by a panel, they are being recognized by the general public.  It’s amazing see all the work they put in pay off.

Image result for seventeen first win

SVT’s latest release was a repackage of the Love&Letter album, with  new title song, 아주 Nice (Very Nice). Image result for seventeen aju niceThis latest release led them into their first Asia Tour, Shining Diamonds. Already going to America (K CON NY) and having this tour show their success. They have gone really far, farther than some groups have ever went.This type of success doesn’t come easy, and they worked hard to achieve it. Seventeen is one of my favorite groups because of their fun personalities, outrageous  actions, and interactions with the  fandom ( as shown with the whole Mingyu at the pool fiasco). But beyond the fun they have as a close knit group, they are are working and talented beyond measure,and deserve all the recognition and love they get.

Image result for seventeen kpop group



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