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Common K pop phrases and Korean words with Seventeen

This is a little fact sheet that should help you out if you ever need to know some k pop lingo with helpful photos from Seventeen. Important stuff right here.

Song of the Day: Promise(I’ll be) by 2pm

Pre Debut: Anytime before they debuted. So this can be after they joined the company, or when they were younger.

Here’s Jun pre debut back in China. He used to act there.

Trainee: A trainee is what you are called while you are training to become a k pop idol with a company. This time is also what people refer to when they say “pre debut days.” Training usually starts at the end of middle school, beginning of high school. Training is very rigorous, where as right after school, trainees go to the company to do various different lessons and practices, and then go home to do homework and continue to practice. Most trainees do not go to sleep until after 12 am.

Seventeen in their trainee days. Pictured with two members, Samuel and MingMing who both left before debut.

Dungeon: This is the what practice room used for trainees is called. By my description of trainee life, you can see why.

Pledis Practice room

MV: Music Video.

From their latest song, aju NICE (very nice)

Era: The promotion period. This can last for as long as the company sees fit. In the area they do music show performances, interviews, and variety shows.

Image result for seventeen aju nice
Photo Taken during aju nice era.

Music Show: Music Shows are the main form of promotion in Korea. There are about 5 different Music shows that air on different days. These music Shows are basically a weekly competition between promoting artist, and the top artist is rewarded. These shows are done both live and Pre-Recorded, so it’s important for the artist voices to be in good shape, and their choreo memorized.

Image result for seventeen aju nice
When they preformed at Show Champion Music Show.

Fan Meets: usually after a Music show performance, artist may have a fan meet. This a chance for fans to greet artists, get autographs, maybe play games, and reap the benefits of being an official fan


My boy Vernon looking swagalicious at a fan meet (Mansae era)



Official Fan: These fans have signed up paid to be apart of an artist’s official fan group. This title comes with many benefits, including exclusive items.


Carat and their lightstick (what you flail around instead of your phone light)



Fan Cafe: A way for artist to talk to fans and give updates on their schedule beyond SMS(social media sites)

SVT’s Fan Café banner


Repackage: Sometimes, a company will re-release an album with new a few new songs and  new concept. This counts as a new era.

Sasaeng: name we have affectionately given the fans who take it too far, the stalkers, the mentally ill ones, and down right creepy ones.

Hyung: What you would call the oldest


Image result for seventeen s.coups
Leader and Oldest: S.Coups-hyung

Maknae: What you would call the youngest, but it would not be added when saying his/her name

Image result for seventeen dino
Youngest: Dino (no maknae after)

Fighting: It can mean “cheer up!” or “we can do it!” Positive reinforcement

Seventeen Fighting!


daebak: awesome

kpop seventeen vernon mingyu hansol
Vernon is a great example of “daebak”


aegyo: Something you do in order to seem cute. There’s classics like “kiyomi (cute)” and new favorites like “shy, shy, shy ( from Twice’s Cheer Up)”

Image result for seventeen aegyo
Woozi doing really well at aegyo

Iptok: Fairy, someone cute and delicate, or good at a specific thing

Image result for seventeen garden fairy
Wonwoo was the garden fairy during One Fine Day


Big 3: The Three biggest companies in k pop, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

Oppa: Older brother. Think “Onii-san”

Noona: Older sister. Think “Onee-san”

Bias: Favorite Member

Image result for s.coups q&a
My bias? Coups-hyung!

Photocards: A little card with a photo of a member you get with the physical album. The member (or unit) you get is random, but on the back, there is a signature and message from the member.

Image result for seventeen photocard
The photocards from ‘Boys Be!’ My sister has Dino’s


Visual: The member who is most visually pleasing. You know, good face, good hair, good body, good everything. The role is usually company assigned.

SVT’s Visual Line!


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