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Imagine: SHINee’s Blog

Okay first off, an imagine, where you imagine a scenario and its outcome based off their personalities, and past actions. This is my first time making my own, so lets see how it goes.

Song of the Day: Solo by Jay Park

Onew:Food Blog Onew is known for his undying love for food, even landing himself a spot on TVN’s “Eat Sleep Eat.”His blog would consist of reviews of restaurants he’s visted and his recconmendation for dishes and restaurants. He would ask readers for their favorite dishes/ restaurant then chronicle him (Key) making the dish or visiting the eating establishments

Jonghyun: Blue Night Blog  Jjong’s blog would be a lot like his midnight radio show, Blue Night Radio. There would be ramblings, q+a sessions, and maybe even content related to guests. He would also write songs based on reader stories and post them on the blog, like in his album, Story Op. 1. He would also document his song making process, and others things he couldn’t show on Blue Night.

Key: Fashion Blog Key is a fashionista through and through. Key’s blog would feature the highlights and trends in fashion and his own closet. He would write about his favorite pieces, outfits, and his outfit suggestions/ ideas for readers like he does for Elle Magizine. Key’s blog would also feature face/skin routines and other beauty tips, photography, and other Key Things

Minho: Soccer+ Fun Minho’s blog would consist of three things: Soccer, his film adventures, and anything he finds fun and cool. Minho always talks about his love for soccer, even finding time  to be apart of a team. This means he would defiently write about palyers, games, and stats. I can also see this as a chance for him to begin vlogging, or at least post videos he’s made recently. Lastly, Minho is a kid at heart. He would probably get excited about something he’s found and immediately write up something so everyone can enjoy with him.

Taemin: Random Blog
Taemin is constantly either confused, disgusted or completely out of it. I don’t think Taemin would be able to keep a consistent blog. Whatever he does post is quite random, maybe something funny that happened at practice, recommendations, pictures of things he enjoys, ranting about other members, or random thoughs of his. Whatever he does, his readers love it, so he tries to update with something good whenever he can.

How do I end this? I don’t know.

-Sakura ♡♡



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