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Drinking Solo: Episode 1

This is just my ramblings on the latest episodes of k drama I’ve seen. Watch along with me on DramaFever  or KissAsian so we can have discussions about it. Also recommendations are welcome. (I am going to watch Decedents of the Sun soon, don’t worry)

Song of the Day: Seoul by B1A4

Drinking Solo episode 1:

Okay so the reason I even decided on watching this drama, is because its my bias in SHINee, Key, drama debut. He’s acted in many stage plays and musicals in both Korea and Japan before, his latest being Japan’s production of In The Heights as Usnavi. However, acting in drama is much different. His character, Kibum ( Key’s real name) looked really funny and relate able in the teasers, so I decided to watch.

And what a good decision on my part. The drama is funny and engaging and I found myself wanting to know more about the other characters, beyond the one Key plays. The first episode set up the characters personalities well, all while keeping  the story going at a good pace.

The plot revolves around a few students and teachers at Noryangjin Academy, a private institute for people training to become civil servants. Jin Jung-Suk, or High Quality Trash, is a popular instructor of Korean History, practically a celebrity, that avoids interactions with other instructors, and relaxes by himself with expensive food and beer, and classical music. This character is definitely one I kinda hate at the moment, as he is so rude for no known reason.

 He is like this especially to Park Ha-Na, a new teacher that is having a hard time in this new prestigious academy. She seems nice, but I do agree with Jung-Suk in the idea that she is kind of a kiss up. There are two other interesting teachers, Hwang Jin-Yi and Min Jin-Woong that help break the tension between Jung-Suk and Ha-Na. For the first episode the teachers are what most of the story line revolves around, and I really enjoyed getting to know each of the teacher, especially Jin–Woong who is really odd from the first moment you meet him. The teachers really show the social aspect of teaching and how tolling it could be. You can understand why Jung-Suk and Ha-Na would rather drink solo.

The trio of students in drinking solo is Gong Myung, Kibum, and Dong-Young. These kids are going through their own struggles as they try to establish their adult lives.

Gong Myung ran away from home and has a temper, and Kibum and Dong-Young are students in Noryangjin. Each of them have their own backgrounds that affect what they choose to do at the school and in their social life. I really see Kibum’s character as someone relate able, as he blames most things on the media, has an explanation for everything, and avoids studying at all cost.

He is described as an eccentric character, with parents that give him everything and I can definitely see that. He also wears exclusively track suits and sings “di-ro-ri-di-ro-ri-ri-di-do~” every time he has an idea or something is added to the plot, which I find hilarous.

 Dong-Young, unlike Kibum doesn’t have all the money in the world, so he is working hard to pass the civil servant exam at any cost to be able to support him, his family, and his girlfriend. The three may argue a lot, but they care about each others well being, like at the end of the episode where you see Kibum arguing with the other students through the walls of dong-Young’s room who was talking to his parents about passing the exam. There isn’t much for plot in the students part, but the characters are developing well.

In episode 1, the story is being lied out well, and I can really see myself getting hooked on the series and loving all the characters. I suggest giving the highlight preview a watch if you’re interested, or not too sure yet. Episode 2 is next!


– Sakura♡♡


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